WEST LIBERTY, IOWA – West Liberty Foods is welcoming customers to the company’s new Customer Innovation Center in Bollingbrook, Ill.

The 7,000 square-foot facility was designed to foster customer collaboration and innovation. The space features development kitchens and areas for product showings, innovation, and concept development, in addition to rooms for strategic planning and brainstorming.

“In the midst of the food industry’s rejuvenation post-pandemic, this was the perfect time for West Liberty Foods to create a dedicated space for our sales team and customers,” said Brandon Achen, president. “We look forward to telling our story and demonstrating our commitment to partnerships in this innovative space.”

West Liberty Foods also is celebrating 25 years in business as a manufacturer of meat and poultry products that are sold at retail and foodservice chains throughout the United States. West Liberty Foods was formed in 1996 by the Iowa Turkey Growers Cooperative and processed its first turkeys a year later. Today, the company has the capacity to process more than 650 million lbs of food products across four facilities. To mark the milestone, the company unveiled a new logo and plans to hold 25th anniversary celebrations at each facility in the coming the months.

“Our new logo was created with our farmer-owned heritage and commitment to sustainability in mind,” Achen said. “Our story is one of perseverance and success, and our new look will carry us into the future as the modern, technologically advanced business that we are known to be throughout the food industry and beyond.”