TYLER, TEXAS — Greenberg Smoked Turkey Inc., based in Tyler, Texas, announced that it will be stopping all production following a fire and two explosions at its processing facility on Nov. 6.

“Both our inventory and our ability to ship this season have been destroyed,” Sam Greenberg, owner of Greenberg Smoked Turkey stated on the company website. “We are thankful this occurred after hours and no one was injured. Unfortunately, we will not have any turkeys to be shipped or picked up this Thanksgiving or Christmas Season.”

The company reported that a freezer holding 87,000 turkeys exploded and burned boxes and materials. Greenberg usually ships hundreds of thousands of items during the holidays.

Greenberg said in his post that the company is working to refund all orders that were scheduled after Nov. 6.

“Please know we have already begun the process of rebuilding and will be back stronger than ever in 2021,” he said on the website.