CRAIGAVON, NORTHERN IRELAND – Moy Park, the largest meat producer in Northern Ireland, announced on Nov. 10 that its partners, Queen’s University Belfast and JF McKenna, will fund a new 250,000 pounds sterling ($330,000) ‘Ideal Home’ poultry project.

The company said this project will focus on animal welfare while improving heating, ventilation, lighting and feeding systems through energy efficiency and sustainable solutions.

Moy Park has made the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

“Our corporate responsibility agenda focuses our efforts on developing our business in a sustainable and ethical way, investing and improving wherever we can to meet present and future needs,” said Dr. Anne Richmond, head of research and development at Moy Park. “Ideal Home is an exciting and innovative project with high reward potential, which drives transformational change to boost sustainability and productivity across the UK’s poultry production system.”

The project is part of Innovate UK, which provides funding and support to science and technology projects.

The company plans to work on the project for 18 months to research and work with farmers and customers on what is needed for future hatcheries.

“The Ideal Home partnership, led by Moy Park, has developed a project that introduces a detailed baseline assessment identifying the current situation within ‘traditional’ housing,” Richmond said. “Net zero emission agriculture, coupled with feeding the growing global population, can only succeed if improved production and sustainability are fully integrated into the food production process.”