KANSAS CITY, MO. – The European Union, in May, published the European Green Deal which is a roadmap that puts Europe on track to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. At the heart of this plan is the trading bloc’s Farm to Fork strategy which maps out Europe’s transition to sustainable food systems that boost the economy, improve health outcomes and quality of life of all people while considering – and protecting – the health of the planet.

The Farm to Fork strategy holds tremendous implications – and hurdles – for trade between the United States and the European Union. While the EU acknowledges that standards established under the Farm to Fork strategy will mean foods imported by member states will require “increasingly sustainable practices” by its trading partners, Ambassador Gregg Doud, Chief Ag Trade Negotiator, Office of the US Trade Representative, insists the United States is having none of it.

In this episode of the MEAT+POULTRY Podcast, Doud and former US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, explain their reservations about the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy during the Ag Outlook Forum presented by the Kansas City Agricultural Business Council and AgriPulse on Sept. 28.

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