BOULDER, COLO. –A new line of deli-wrapped burritos has been introduced by EVOL Burritos, the Boulder-based processor of made-from-scratch, natural and organic frozen burritos. This new product line can be sold fresh or hot off the shelf and is available at locations across the country, including coffee shops, universities and convenience stores.

"We are extremely excited about this product because the deli-wrapped burritos give consumers the same great EVOL experience – but at locations, venues and times that are the most appropriate and convenient for them," said Philip Anson, EVOL Burrito founder and chief operating officer. "Given the demand for a product like this, retailers will also find a lot of value in the deli-wrapped burritos as both a top-selling item and a no-hassle product that can be defrosted on an as-needed basis.”

Totaling 7 ounces per package, the deli-wrapped burritos come in six varieties, including sausage, egg and cheese; bacon, egg and cheese; chicken, bean and rice; and shredded beef

Each burrito contains premium ingredients, such as beef and pork, sourced from Niman Ranch, an industry leader in sustainably and humanely raised meats, as well as free-range poultry from Petaluma Farms and cage-free eggs from Colorado-based Nest Fresh Eggs.

EVOL deli-wrapped burritos are available in retailers nationwide including Whole Foods Rocky Mountain region, Vitamin Cottage, University of San Francisco and University of California, Berkeley.