LOS ANGELES – As part of its mission to produce frozen meal solutions that offer retail shoppers convenient, affordable and quality meals designed to be cooked by consumers using pressure cookers, Tiller & Hatch introduced four new flavors available at Target stores and on www.TillerandHatch.com. The new offerings include the following flavors: Chili Mac, BBQ Beef Chili, Chicken Tikka Masala and Italian Chicken Gnocchi.

According to the West Coast-based company, the challenges presented by creating more in-home meals due to the global pandemic are addressed by its commitment to creating meals to serve a family of four for about $12. The new offerings cook in under 12 minutes and are sold in 20-oz and 40-oz packages.

“With more days than ever being spent at home and the unknown of when things will be completely back to normal, there has never been a better time to cook, and try new recipes,” the company said, adding that its focus is on providing frozen meals designed for a pressure cooker.

The company’s products, which include a variety of stews, soups and pasta dishes as well as desserts are available at big-box retail grocery outlets across the country, including Walmart and Target stores or multiple meals can be ordered on the company’s website and delivered directly to customers’ homes.