KANSAS CITY, MO. – As panic buying overwhelmed grocery retail, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic flipped the script on consumer food buying trends. Instead of going out to eat, consumers were buying their comfort foods in bulk. Meat and poultry, along with toilet paper and Clorox Wipes, topped shelter-in-place shopping lists.

Where were plant-based proteins in the mix? The social media memes were less than flattering – refrigerated meat cases standing empty save for plentiful plant-based alternatives grouped together.

But the truth is no joke – plant-based proteins are holding their own during these strange times. Plant-based protein producers mostly have avoided the product shortages and supply gaps currently hounding traditional meat processors.

To get clued in to just how well plant-based proteins are getting along during the pandemic, MEAT+POULTRY spoke with Danny O’Malley, founder and president of Before the Butcher, a maker of plant-based proteins. He talked about the company and its Uncut line of plant-based products. He also discussed the rapid rise of plant-based meat alternatives, the impact of the current pandemic on growth and the way forward for the category in the age of coronavirus.



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