WASHINGTON — The overall Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% in January to 217.6, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor. With the gain, the index now has increased 2.6% over the past 12 months. The index for food and beverages also finished higher, rising 0.2% to 218.7 in January after rising 0.1% in both December and November.

The energy index rose 2.8% in January, its ninth consecutive increase, according to the B.L.S. The index for energy commodities rose 4.9%, with the gasoline index climbing 4.4%. Over the past 12 months, the energy index has risen 19.1%, with the gasoline index up 51.3%.

The food index rose 0.2% in January after climbing 0.1% in both December and November. Among the major grocery store food groups, the sharpest gain was posted in the index for dairy and related products, which rose 2.1% to 198.9.

Posting an equally impressive gain during January was the index for fruit and vegetables, which rose 1.3% to 272.9. The gain reflected a 2.8% increase in the index for fresh fruits, according to the B.L.S.
The food at home index rose 0.4% in January to 214.5, the sharpest increase in the category since September 2008, the B.L.S. said.

Other gains in the month included; meats, poultry, fish and eggs, up 0.2% to 201.7, and non-alcoholic beverages, up 0.2% to 162.5.

Meanwhile, the index for cereals and bakery products, which rose 0.4% in December, fell 0.5% in January to 251.5.

The index for other food at home fell 0.3%, while the index for alcoholic beverages eased 0.1%.