SALISBURY, Md. —  Perdue Farms announced on Jan. 7 that it is launching a new e-commerce website that will offer various items from the company’s portfolio.

Initially, the website will include brands such as Perdue, Niman Ranch, Coleman Natural, Sonoma Red and Skagit Red. Perdue said other brands will be added when the demand increases on the site.

The Perdue brands will offer several pork, beef chicken and lamb products under its “No Antibiotics Ever” program, meaning each animal is raised entirely without antibiotics.

“As both online shopping and the demand for convenience show no signs of slowing down, we felt it was important to be in this space,” said David Zucker, Perdue Farms senior vice president of e-commerce and new ventures. “We’re excited that this is the first time we’ve been able to offer so many of our brands in one place, nationally.”

All packaging from online orders is 100 percent recyclable. The foam insulation is made from water-soluble cornstarch, which can be composted or even disintegrated under running water and safely rinsed down a kitchen sink. Also, a reusable shopping tote and packet of bee- and butterfly-friendly seeds for customers to plant are included in each order.

Perdue plans to donate to the Arbor Day Foundation for each sale to help offset the shipment’s carbon footprint, which will equate to removing more than 70 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere per order.

An updated Perdue logo is visible on the new e-commerce platform that features dedicated branding and a modernized version of Perdue’s iconic farmhouse graphic to represent the role that this channel plays in the company’s total sales initiatives.

“Through our e-commerce logo’s new tagline, we’re giving a nod to our company’s farming history, the family ownership and leadership that still exists today, and the farm families – many of whom are multiple generations – who partner with us to produce trusted, wholesome, high-quality products,” said Chris Perdue, director of e-commerce at Perdue Farms.