BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Applegate Farms LLC, a Hormel Foods Corp. subsidiary, announced its plan to offer its Great Organic Blend Burger as a foodservice option on the campuses of 25 colleges and universities. The company said the product appeals to college students seeking more sustainable food options.

The new blended burger is made with a blend of 100 percent grass-fed beef and sustainably grown mushrooms.

One college, the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, switched out all its beef burgers in its six dining locations on campus for the Great Organic Blend Burger.

“As part of our dining program, we regularly meet with a group of students called our Dining Advisory Board. One of the things they always share is that their peers are interested in delicious food that is also sustainable,” said Peter Testory, director of dining at Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. “They want us to carry food that is not only good for them, but to work with brands who are responsible stewards of the planet.”

Applegate President John Ghingo said its company can help colleges adapt to the evolving palates of students.

“They are trying to meet a lot of different tastes and desires for students – from wanting foods with cleaner ingredient statements to concerns about sustainability and animal welfare,” Ghingo said. “Applegate has really been able to check a lot of boxes for these massive foods systems that are trying to cater to very diverse student populations.”