GUELPH – Ontario Pork has successfully met the deadline for open marketing and the commodity organization has divided into two separate divisions — Ontario Pork Universal Services and Ontario Pork Marketing Division. As a result, hog producers are now free to choose to sell their hogs directly to buyers or through an intermediary such as the Ontario Pork Marketing Division.

“We had a detailed schedule for completion and have been working diligently to make it happen”, said Wilma Jeffray, chair of Ontario Pork. “Since June, our producers have been sent regular communications informing them of what was taking place and what they should be considering to get their businesses ready for this day. Due to the work we have been doing internally over the last several months, we are confident producers will make informed decisions as they begin the transition”.

Ontario Pork said it has been working closely with the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission and the Hog Industry Advisory Committee to ensure the appropriate regulations are in place for the new environment.

Ontario Pork represents the 2,300 farmers who market hogs in the province in many areas, including hog marketing, research, government representation, environmental issues, consumer education and food quality assurance. The pork industry in Ontario accounts for 27,000 jobs, and it is estimated that total industry output from farm gate sales is worth $4 billion to the Ontario economy.