GREELEY, Colo. – Officials with JBS USA announced plans to implement a 24-7 remote video-auditing program at its eight US-based beef processing facilities to enhance its food-safety interventions and quality programs as well as to ensure proper animal handling by its employees.

JBS has partnered with Mt. Kisco, N.Y.-based Arrowsight Inc., to implement a Web-based system of hardware, software and remote auditing services. The video cameras and equipment are already in place at the JBS beef plant in Souderton, Pa. and installation has begun at the Greeley facility. The system was designed to ensure food safety steps are taken by workers on the slaughter floor and to minimize cross-contamination risks that can result during hide removal or from failure to wash knives. Installations at the remaining seven beef plants are expected to occur in 2011.

“Within weeks of installing the RVA system, we were able to improve the accuracy of our auditing system,” said Dr. John Ruby, head of technical services, JBS USA Beef Division. “By measuring the performance of our workers and providing them with immediate feedback while they work, JBS will be able to continually measure and improve our food safety systems,” added Ruby. “We are excited to partner with Arrowsight to utilize the latest technology to enhance the safety and quality of our products.”

“The use of Remote Video Auditing services to address the root cause of cross-contamination has the potential to transform the global beef industry and establish new food safety standards in beef harvest facilities,” said Adam Aronson, CEO of Arrowsight Inc. “We are very pleased that JBS has selected Arrowsight as its partner to evolve and advance food safety standards for beef slaughter operations using RVA services.”