LONDON – Chinese food is Britain's favorite takeaway treat, according to a recent Valued Opinions survey. Chinese beat Indian, Italian, Thai and Greek, as well as traditional English fish and chips, reflecting the British appetite for global cuisine that has transformed national eating habits in recent years.

Britain's takeaway market reflects how Brits are enjoying foods from every corner of the globe. In the recent Valued Opinions online opinion poll on the UK's favorite takeaways, Chinese was the first choice for 38% of respondents. Next in line was Indian (22%) followed closely by pizza, preferred by 18%. The traditional English fish and chips/ burger and chips option was top of the list for 13% of respondents. Other takeaway choices — kebabs, Thai and Greek, were the favorite for only a small percentage (3%, 2% and 1% respectively) of those who gave an opinion.

The Valued Opinions survey reflects how Britain's takeaway market bears the imprint of its various immigrant communities. Many Indian takeaway meals in the UK have evolved significantly from authentic Indian originals. Chicken Tikka Masala, a favorite on the takeaway menu, was actually invented in Britain. Even traditional British fish and chips has its roots elsewhere. Chips date back to the seventeenth century and come from either Belgium or France, and Jewish refugees from Spain and Portugal brought fried fish to Britain at about the same time.