AUSTIN, Texas – Organic, kosher chicken broth from Pacific Natural Foods has been added to Whole Foods Market’s selection of kosher products. Developed for Whole Foods Market, the new organic broth is made from free-range, grain-fed chickens that are raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones, and are processed according to kosher standards.

"Many family and holiday traditions revolve around the dinner table, so we're excited to offer more natural and organic kosher products than ever," said Errol Schweizer, senior global grocery coordinator for Whole Foods Market. "We are proud to work with vendors who provide the highest quality, best-tasting kosher products on the market."

Select stores will also offer poultry options from Kosher Valley. These include fresh and frozen whole young turkeys and chickens, ground turkey and chicken, and value-pack options for both. Certified by the Orthodox Union and the K'hal Adath Jeshurun, Kosher Valley's antibiotic-free kosher line is the first of its kind in the US. The products can be found only at Whole Foods Market.

"Our natural and delicious kosher poultry products have really taken off since we began offering them about a year ago," said Theo Weening, global meat buyer for Whole Foods Market. "We're thrilled that our shoppers rely on us for kosher meats for their holiday feasts."