REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Impossible Foods recently partnered with Marion, Illinois-based Elohi Strategic Advisors and Atlanta-based Independent Broker alliance to grow distribution of the Impossible Burger. 
The partnership is expected to send the product to more traditional restaurants as well as corporate canteens, museums, hotels and other locations.
“The Impossible Burger is one of the most popular menu items in many restaurants because it offers zero compromise on taste or sustainability,” said Stephanie Lind, senior vice president of global sales for Impossible Foods. “It’s one of the few menu items that can single-handedly boost sales.”
The Impossible Burger, which was developed in 2011, is the first burger made entirely from plants that looks, smells and tastes like ground beef, according to the company.
The burger is served in 2,000 outlets including White Castle who added it to its menu in April.  
Impossible Foods produces the plant-based burgers and other products at the company’s 68,000-sq.-ft. production plant in Oakland, California. Impossible Burgers are appearing on mainstream restaurant menus across the country as well as at award-winning restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Houston and Las Vegas. The company also is pursuing non-commercial foodservice sales targeting universities, company dining halls and other institutions