Deli Meats
CLAREMONT, N.H. – Artisanal meat processor, North Country Smokehouse, announced on June 6, the launch of a new line of turkey and ham deli meats. The new clean-label products carry product claims that include: organic, certified humane and all natural to appeal to consumers’ increased awareness of production practices and knowing more about the source of their food.

Available in three flavor profiles, including Oven-Roasted turkey, Smoked Maple Ham and Smoked Black Forest Ham. The meat is marinated and cooked after packaging using sous-vide technology. The ham is then placed in a smoker to impart flavors of applewood smoke.

“The rich, smoky taste of the ham really sets the product apart,” said Aaron Corbett, North Country’s COO. “The turkey is cooked, not smoked,” he added. “It’s a nice alternative for people who prefer a farmhouse flavor.”

The products are packaged for retail sale that are resealable to appeal to on-the-go eating, at a price range of between $4.99 and $6.99.

“Each product is exceptionally well balanced and true to form,” Corbett said. “The meat is incredibly flavorful.”

The new product launch is part of the company’s strategy to focus on large-scale production of specialized products from its new 65,000-sq.-ft. processing plant that was unveiled in 2017. North Country was acquired by Canadian processing company, duBreton in 2016.