National Pork
DES MOINES, Iowa- A recent research study by the National Pork Board (NPB) and Nielsen claimed that Hispanics and African Americans are more likely to consume pork chops and ribs during grilling season than other demographics.

With summer starting, the NPB plans to engage with more consumers by sharing recipes through influencer partnerships and providing nutritional information about pork.

"Hispanics and African Americans love pork and the research we conducted validates that," said Jose de Jesus, director of multicultural marketing at the NPB. "We also learned that in general, shoppers statistically spend more in-store when ribs and pork chops are in their baskets."

The study concluded that retail consumers with pork chops or ribs in their shopping carts spend an average of $121.47 versus $32.54 when they are not.

“When retailers feature pork chops and ribs during grilling season consumers spend more money at their stores," de Jesus said. "For retailers across the nation, this is incredibly valuable information."

The NPB also stated that eight cuts of pork, from tenderloin and sirloin pork chop to ribeye pork chop, meet the US Dept. of Agriculture guidelines for lean. The group went on to say that seven of the most common cuts of pork average 16 percent less fat and 27 percent less saturated fat than 20 years ago. In January 2017, the board launched a new pork campaign directed at Hispanics called “El Sabor de Hoy.” The program was designed to increase pork consumption among Hispanics through a marketing and recipes campaign.