Multivac thermoforming machines are designed to package products of all shapes and sizes.
Changing consumer preferences not only reflect the formulation and types of meat and poultry products on the market, but the merchandising and marketing of those products as well, and that includes the packaging. Recent industry news demonstrates how consumer preference has an impact on the products and how those products are packaged to maximize shelf life while showcasing what’s inside.

John Stanton, professor of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s Univ. in Philadelphia, has been working in the food marketing industry for 40 years. During those 40 years, there have been a lot of changes in the food landscape – but Stanton feels the most change has occurred in the past five years. And as convenience has become the rule and meal times have blurred, today’s packaging has evolved to adapt to changing needs, diverse venues and to appeal to consumers’ social consciousness. For starters, traditional shopping venues are no longer the rule.

“There are so many more channels of distribution now,” Stanton said during a Nov. 1 presentation about the changing food industry, and the role packaging plays in it, as a part of Multivac’s 30th anniversary celebration at its US headquarters in Kansas City. He added: “There’s more impact from social media; more technology. There are so many ways to communicate with and sell to consumers today.”