Uncured pork and turkey varieties of bacon give consumers a choice when looking for healthy indulgences.

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Naturals Sunday Bacon represents Applegate’s No. 1 bacon product and is available as an organic SKU. The traditional, hickory-smoked bacon was the first bacon SKU for Applegate and its entry into the bacon market.

“It’s our flagship into the bacon world,” Glenn says. “I think people came looking for a cleaner option with that great taste and we’ve always promoted you don’t need to have bacon every day, but when you want to indulge it’s a healthier option. That’s how the Sunday Bacon name came about. So, it’s been our longest and first launch SKU, but also one that a lot of consumers know Applegate for.”

The Sunday Bacon also served as the model for Applegate’s new No Sugar Bacon. The No Sugar Bacon is very similar to the Sunday Bacon with the sugar removed. The team at Applegate is excited about the recent launch and believes strongly in the new product.

“We’re really excited about the potential of it and looking forward to seeing the growth of it,” Sbriscia says. “We see a demand for the no sugar bacons in general. So, we’re really excited to be joining with the no sugar SKU and providing that product to brand loyalists who are looking for that no sugar bacon.”

The impetus for the no sugar product comes out of the health and wellness movement and some of the new diets. The paleo diet and the Whole30 diet are currently on trend and both emphasize reducing or eliminating sugar, at least for a period of time. Many consumers looking at nutrition facts panels are looking for foods with no or very low sugar content when choosing what to purchase and eat.

“Sugar has become kind of the evil when looking at nutritional facts panels and we found through research that 65 percent of adults were looking to cut back or completely avoid sugar in their diets,” Sbriscia says. “Even in our office, we know people who are trying to cut back on their sugar intake.”

Applegate developed the SKU with the desire to maintain the salty, smoky flavor of good bacon that bacon consumers want. It took a few rounds of development to get the desired flavor without the sugar, but Sbriscia says they’re pleased with the overall balance of the flavor profile. “I think it’s not only a product for people who are trying to avoid sugar, I think it’s a product that everyone can love.”