CALGARY – Stonefire Grill, a fast-casual dining chain in Southern California, claims to be the first restaurant chain in the United States to promote Canadian beef. Now using Canadian tri-tip, Stonefire Grill has added the Canadian beef brand mark to its marketing materials.

“This is a great development for us,” said Marty Carpenter, senior director US market development for the Beef Information Centre. “[Although] Canadian beef is served at many restaurants in the US, Stonefire Grill is the first to put our logo on their materials; we are thrilled to have their commitment.”

This partnership began after BIC developed a relationship with Stonefire Grill at an annual National Restaurant Association tradeshow. After the meeting, BIC worked with Stonefire Grill’s supplier to identify their Canadian beef specifications and supply. BIC was also “hands-on”, spending time on-site demonstrating the Canadian beef advantage to their chefs and executives.

“Canadian beef is a perfect fit for us,” says Kaduri Shemtov, Stonefire Grill. “The quality of beef is fantastic and guests continue to love our tri-tip. The team at the Beef Information Centre was very supportive. We continue to work with them on this program as well as other items. We are very pleased with the relationship and the product, Canadian beef is a great choice.”

Stonefire Grill is unique fast-casual dining chain with seven locations throughout Southern California. The Beef Information Centre is the market development division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, which represents Canada’s 83,000 beef producers.