The company invested R13 million at two facilities.
SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Rising demand for ground beef in the foodservice industry prompted JBS S.A. to expand production of ground beef at two of the company’s processing plants in the state of São Paulo at a cost of 13 million reais (US$3.66 million).

The company recently invested 9 million reais in its facility in Lins to raise production by 30 percent. Another 4 million reais was invested at a plant in Osasco. In a statement, the company said the investments “…were focused on modernizing production lines to meet customers’ stringent quality criteria. In addition to acquiring new equipment and making structural changes to accommodate the machinery, the Lins plant has created an extra shift to boost output and hired another 130 staff.”

JBS S.A. added that the company intends to continue expanding its retail and foodservice operations through ongoing enhancement to plant efficiencies while maintaining quality standards to meet customers’ expectations.