OTTAWA – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) included additional pork products from two companies in a recall launched as part of an investigation of anE. coliO157:H7 outbreak in the province of Alberta.

K&K Foodliner in Edmonton, Alberta, and Irvings Farm Fresh in Round Hill, Alberta, are recalling sausage, ham, schnitzel and other pork products on concerns the items may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. The recalls were triggered by a foodborne illness investigation led by Alberta Health Services (AHS) and supported by the CFIA.

AHS said the number of lab-confirmed cases in that outbreak increased to 36 from 34. One person has died likely because of an E. coli infection while 11 patients were hospitalized.

The Meat Shop at Pine Haven in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, also launched a recall of raw pork products, and AHS determined that “…certain raw and ready-to-eat pork products sold and distributed by The Meat Shop at Pine Haven has a common link between these lab-confirmed cases. Consumption of these products is associated with increased risk of illness.”

The Meat Shop recall includes certain pork products sold and distributed by the company between Feb. 19 and April 24, 2018, inclusively, AHS said.