LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Who better to promote a new crispy chicken sandwich than the Crispy Colonel. KFC announced the return of famously “sun-crisped” actor George Hamilton as the Extra Crispy Colonel to launch its newest menu item, also called the Crispy Colonel. The new sandwich featuring a breaded chicken fillet served with mayo and pickles on a bun, will be available at KFC stores beginning April 23.


The Crispy Colonel sandwich is available in three flavors: Smoky Mountain BBQ, spicy and smoky Nashville Hot, and sweet and tangy Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ. A fourth flavor will be introduced for a limited time this summer.

"When we tested the Crispy Colonel, 88 percent of customers who tried the sandwich said it was better than any other chicken sandwich, and 91 percent said they would order it again," said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer with KFC US. "And now they can, in our classic version or in their favorite KFC signature flavor. I believe no other fast-food restaurant comes close to providing the lineup of superior, craveable chicken sandwiches we're launching at KFC."

In the ad campaign introducing the Crispy Colonel, Hamilton makes his return on a yacht named The K.F.Sea.

"It feels right to be back in the white suit as the Extra Crispy Colonel – it's one of my favorite roles to play," Hamilton said. "I've always been extra crispy, and with the Crispy Colonel sandwich in hand aboard the K.F.Sea, I'm also extra mobile now."

Hamilton started working as a spokesperson “Colonel” for KFC in 2016.