BOSTON – Revolution Foods, a leading provider of school meals, is expanding production with a new 27,000-sq.-ft. culinary center in Boston’s Newmarket Square. The company was named the pre-made breakfast and lunch provider for Boston Public Schools (BPS) through 2020.

“Our recent investments in our new culinary center and ongoing local partner programs signal our deep commitment to building lifelong healthy eaters with chef-crafted, kid-inspired meals to ultimately expand our service to other community and school partners to make healthy meals even more accessible,” said Kristin Groos Richmond, CEO and co-founder of Revolution Foods. “We’re focused on ensuring that all students get the proper nutrition they need to fuel success both in and out of the classroom.”

Revolution Foods currently serves 2 million meals a week to more than 22 school districts throughout the US, including San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Newark, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. It also serves more than 15,000 meals a day at 25 school campuses throughout Massachusetts. The company is known for providing meals free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives. The meals are made from fresh local and regional produce, high quality proteins, rBST-free dairy products from local dairies, and don’t contain high fructose corn syrup and trans fats.

Since Fall 2017, Revolution Foods has served more than 5.3 million meals across 84 school campuses in Boston. The company has expanded its capacity to make more than 750,000 meals per week while enabling a wider selection of fresh local and regional food items.

The company also named Chef Clyfton Lyles to the position of executive chef and vice president of Culinary Excellence. In this role, Lyles oversees culinary development and is tasked with expanding the company’s menu offering to include “culturally relevant” items such as bean and cheese pupusas and sweet potato-crusted fish sandwiches.

“Since the beginning of our partnership, Revolution Foods has embraced our mission to make sure every student has access to healthy and nutritious foods in order to be well fed and successful in the classroom,” said BPS Superintendent Tommy Chang. “We’re committed to working together to improve the quality of our school food program and to delivering sustainable meals featuring local foods whenever possible.”