CALGARY, ALBERTA – Advanced ID Corporation, a global provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and readers, has announced a development partnership with Solrayo Inc. and Enable IPC Corp. This joint venture will adopt ultra capacitor technology for specifically designed UHF RFID tags to improve signal strength and read range.

This new tag will solve a major problem in the RFID industry. The typical UHF RFID tag has a read range closer to five feet under real-world conditions and this limits the use of passive tags for many applications. The ultra capacitor assisted UHF RFID tag being developed by this joint venture will have offer many features: durability, small size and a massively upgraded read range of 25 feet to as much as 60 feet.

The tag will provide the equivalent of a battery-assisted passive RFID tag using a passive energy storage device that can be wirelessly recharged as required. The ultra capacitor developed by Solrayo offers a green energy management solution when used with solar, wind and automotive applications.

"The Enable IPC/SolRayo ultra capacitor technology is ideal for the RFID application," said David Walker, CEO of Enable IPC Corporation. "The idea of longer read ranges and quickly charging the power device is very attractive in this market. We are pleased to be working with a company with the experience and expertise of Advanced ID Corporation."

"Our technicians reviewed the Solrayo's ultra capacitor technology and their electrical characteristics, size and ultimate cost per unit makes it very attractive for AIDO use,” said Dan Finch, president of Advanced ID. “We believe that the company is poised to redefine the capabilities of passive UHF tags in industries that are challenged with read range issues.

“Reading an RFID tag from 60 feet that normally can't be read beyond 10 feet using our standard UHF RFID readers clearly increases the value of RFID in the asset management industry,” he added. “By mid 2011 the company will offer the product in cattle management, cargo/package tracking and student tracking. With an $8 billion RFID market forecasted over the next four years, now is the time to provide value-added solutions in the industry."