Jones Dairy Farm also changed up its packaging.
ATKINSON, Wis. – Jones Dairy Farm recently released its antibiotic-free, no-sugar, all-natural breakfast sausage and uncured smoked meats product line. The meats keep with the company’s traditional recipes, while also receiving certification by the Paleo foundation.

“Since my great, great grandfather founded the company in 1889, Jones Dairy Farm has produced high-quality products made from simple ingredients that meet the preferences, tastes and dietary needs of our customers,” said Philip Jones, sixth generation president of Jones Dairy Farm. “These new products are not about diet or weight loss but elevating the overall sausage and smoked meats product category. We saw the need to not only upgrade ingredients, but also provide superior nutritionals so consumers look better and feel healthier.”

The Certified Paleo designation means Jones Dairy Farm new products contain no grains, legumes, dairy, artificial colorings, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers.

Some of the products included in this new category include chicken sausage links, chicken patties, turkey sausage, country-style pork sausage, country-style pork sausage roll, uncured ham slices, ham steaks and uncured heritage hams. 

To distinguish the new products from the company’s original sausage and smoked meats offerings, Jones created updated packaging and a refreshed logo.

In addition, the wording “No Antibiotics, Ever” along with the Certified Paleo and Certified Gluten Free logos appear on the new packaging.

“The Paleo Foundation is extremely proud to work with Jones Dairy Farm, a company dedicated to quality and whose new Antibiotic Free, No Sugar, All Natural Sausage and Smoked Meats product line gained our strict Paleo Certification,” said Jonathan Pendergrass of Paleo Foundation.