The Massachusetts company will send cuts of meat to homes in the eastern US.
ESSEX, Mass.— Massachusetts-based Karv recently launched a new home meat subscription service to give consumers in the eastern United States a chance to order their favorite cuts of meat.

Karv’s meats are born and raised in the US, including grass-finished and fed Angus beef, organic and free-range chicken and Heritage pork. Karv also gives recipes for the cuts of meat and options for oven-ready entrées.

“Karv provides only the best meats that are flash-frozen at peak freshness to preserve taste, quality and texture,” said Paula Lopes, director of marketing for Karv. “When subscribing to Karv, customers have the flexibility to cook what they want, when they want, instead of being locked into a specific meal for each day of the week. Rather, they can create their own meal, use one of the easy and inspiring 30-minute recipes, or opt-in for an assortment of oven-ready entrées.”

The entrées Karv provides are all made with the same meats, organic fruits and vegetables and non-GMO ingredients. Karv also offers options for dietary restrictions including gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, nut-free and dairy-free.