Niman Ranch now offers a line of no-sugar meat products.
NORTHGLENN, Colo. – Known sustainable agriculture and animal welfare-oriented producer Niman Ranch has announced a new line of no-sugar products. The line comes in response to consumer demand and includes eight products in the categories of bacon, pork chops, a pork roast and sausages. The no-sugar products are ideal for those with medical conditions that require a low-sugar diet, as well as anyone on a specialized diet program such as paleo or Whole30.

“With no-sugar bacon growing at a faster rate than traditional bacon, Niman Ranch’s bestselling and award-winning product was in high demand. Our no-sugar Applewood Smoked Bacon went through many rounds of taste tests until we felt confident it could go toe to toe with our traditional bacon,” said Drew Calvert, vice president of marketing and new products for Niman Ranch in a statement. “We are pleased with the end result and are happy to introduce the renowned bacon and other products to our consumers.”

The Niman Ranch No Sugar Line includes: Applewood Smoked Bacon; Ginger Lemongrass, Andouille, and Apple Gouda (no sugar added) Uncured Sausages (The Apple Gouda Uncured Sausage does not qualify for Whole30® due to dairy); Seasoned Pork Chops including Uncured Bacon Wrapped with Rosemary, Herb & Cracked Mustard Seed, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper; and a Herb and Cracked Mustard Seed Pork Roast.

Niman Ranch uses third-party certification from the Certified Humane program and hogs from small, independent, US hog farmers who follow strict animal welfare protocols including:

• No antibiotics ever
• No gestation or farrowing crates
• Raised outside or deeply bedded pens
• Never fed animal by-products

“Customers can expect all the flavor from Niman Ranch, without any added sugar,” Calvert added.