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Even with the trend toward plant-based proteins, animal meat still has plenty of innovations.
ROCKVILLE, Md. – In 2017, a lot of attention was placed on the increased popularity of plant-based proteins. However, according to market research firm Packaged Facts’ new report titled “Protein and Center Plate: Culinary Trend Tracking Series” which looks at different animal meat innovations, animal-based proteins may be making a comeback in 2018.

The report showed that steaks, chops and chicken breasts are still popular but other meat innovations and nose-to-tail cuts like culotte, short ribs, shoulder, neck and thigh are starting to become a trend for chefs around the world.

"The rules about protein and the rules about center plate are being completely remade. As a result, neither protein nor center of the plate will ever be the same," says David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts. "In short, 2018 won't be the year of your daddy's steak or burger."

In the last few years, Packaged Facts also said that burgers and meatballs keep gaining traction and consumer appeal, branching out beyond beef to introduce lamb, pork, duck and more. Sausage and charcuterie are booming, as chefs seek to gain culinary credentials and use up every bit and scrap of the animal.

Many chefs are also adding more spice and innovation to their menus.

Eggs continued to be transformed as well with people coming up with new ways of benedict, okonomiyaki and deviled on small plates or for breakfast. Sunny side and over easy eggs are also being placed on donuts, sandwiches and vegetarian bowls to add extra protein.

The entire report is available on the Packaged Facts website.