Taco Bell Canada is serving Naked Chicken Chips, triangle-shaped chips made from marinated chicken and served with nacho cheese sauce.
The Naked Chicken Chips from Taco Bell will be available in Canada.
VAUGHAN, Ontario – The Naked Chicken Chalupa has spawned a snack innovation for Taco Bell Canada.

Naked Chicken Chips are triangle-shaped chips made from marinated chicken and come paired with a nacho cheese sauce.

“Everyone loves being the first to experience a secret menu at their favorite hot spot, so we’re taking that one step further with our uniquely Taco Bell, one-of-a-kind, Extra Menu,” Veronica Castillo, head of marketing and R&D at Taco Bell Canada, said in a statement.

The limited-time menu promotes the chicken chips along with 12 “over the top” experiences for diners to enjoy while eating the chips.

“As a brand, we are not afraid to present new menu items that get our fans excited and engaged,” Castillo said. “Our innovation and experiences are driven by the fans, and when it comes to shaking up the ordinary, you better believe Taco Bell is up to the [chicken] challenge.”