The funding is part of the Market Access Program allocation for export market promotion.
WASHINGTON – The US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) awarded the Organic Trade Organization $847,000 as part of the Market Access Program (MAP) funding allocation by the government agency for export market promotion in 2018.

The Organic Trade Association started working with the USDA’s Market Access Program more than 15 years ago. The main function of the OTA is promoting American organic agricultural products in global markets and connecting buyers and sellers around the world.

“We thank the USDA for appreciating the importance of our export promotion activities and supporting our work,” said Laura Batcha, CEO and executive director of the Organic Trade Association. “There are huge opportunities – and challenges – for the US organic sector throughout the world, and we’re helping the industry to take advantage of those opportunities in untapped markets and to meet the challenges created by the growing global appetite for organic.”
In 2017, the trade group’s export promotion activities expanded to four continents: South and North America, Europe and Asia, and to five first-time markets: Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland and Hong Kong. The association also partnered with retailers in Korea, Japan, Canada and the United Arab Emirates to promote US-grown and produced organic products already in those countries. 

“Our export promotion programs work. In all of the countries where we do activity, US organic exports to those regions have grown,” said Monique Marez, director of international trade for the Organic Trade Association. “The organic industry can’t happen without trade, and we are looking forward to continuing our efforts in 2018 to help expand the organic market.”