The plant-based burger has now spread into 38 Bareburger locations around the US.
COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Impossible Burger is launching at both Bareburgers restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, on Nov. 6. 

Bareburger was the first restaurant group to launch the Impossible Burger when it debuted in March at the LaGuardia Place location in Manhattan. Since then, the company has added the Impossible Burger to restaurants throughout the US including the New York tri-state region, Chicago and Santa Monica, California.

The Impossible Burger, which was developed in 2011, is the first burger made entirely from plants that looks, smells and tastes like ground beef, according to the company.

“Being able to share this incredible burger with people all over the country has been a goal of Bareburger’s since we started serving it back in March,” said Euripides Pelekanos, Bareburger’s CEO and founder. “Our guests love this burger so much, it has actually become one of our top-selling items.”

Bareburger serves the Impossible Burger as a pre-built burger with American cheese, dill pickles, caramelized onions, and special sauce on a brioche bun. The burger can also be customized in the “Be My Burger” section of the menu.

The arrival of the Bareburger-Impossible Burger in Columbus means that 38 of the 39 US Bareburgers are now serving the plant-based burger. The Bareburger in Washington, D.C., starts serving it in the next couple of weeks.