ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union 118 and Palmer Food Company Inc. reached a settlement following a dispute over labor practices at the company.

As part of the settlement, Palmer Food Co. must:

  • post a notice in its workplace for 60 days notifying workers that it will no longer engage in the practices it was charged with;
  • recognizing the Teamsters, and entering collective bargaining with the union; and
  • pay $60,000 in damages to the fired shop steward.

Warehouse workers at the company attempted to organize with Local 118 in early 2017. The union alleges the company engaged in anti-union practices including firing the union’s shop steward for helping the effort to unionize warehouse workers. Drivers for the company had been unionized previously, according to Local 118.

Paul Markwitz, president of Local 118, said the settlement is “…a resounding victory for the labor movement, Local 118 and Palmer’s workers.” He added that despite the dispute “…we hope that this resolution will result in the union and the employer working together to make Palmer Food Company a better place for its workers.”