The company's FAQs address some of the concerns of local residents and citizens.
SPRINGDALE, Ark. – Tyson Foods Inc. has released a list offrequently asked questions(FAQ) regarding its proposed poultry complex project near Tonganoxie, Kansas. The new project is expected to cost $320 million and will process 1.25 million chickens per week, starting in mid-2019. However, shortly after the Sept. 5 announcement, a group calling itself “a group of committed Leavenworth County and Tonganoxie citizens that are opposed to building the Tyson plant near Tonganoxie,” has launched a campaign in opposition of the new plant.

The group launched a website, www.nototyson.com, as part of its efforts and is taking donations to establish a legal fund on behalf of area residents. According to the site, “We will need funds to get the word out with mailers and brochures and ads.” It also includes information on how and where local residents can sign a petition against the project.

Reasons for opposition to building the poultry complex in the area include concerns about its impact on property values, environmental and the impact on the community’s infrastructure. Also noted as a reason for opposing development of the complex, is that it isn’t needed. According to the website: “Our community is a small, lovely bedroom community which can wait and be picky about the types of community development it seeks to attract.”

Tyson believes the location is right for the new plant and touts the benefits it will bring to the area including about 1,600 jobs.