The company announced the start of the succession process.
SAO PAULO, Brazil – Pedro de Andrade Faria will serve as Global CEO of BRF SA until Dec. 31 while the company searches for a successor.

Faria also serves as investor relations officer for BRF. He assumed the role in March after CFO José Alexandre Carneiro Borges resigned from the company after a disappointing fourth-quarter caused by “…political uncertainties, plus a few internal challenges in terms of execution…”

BRF was one of several meat processing companies in Brazil that were targeted by a federal food fraud investigation. The probe of federal agricultural inspectors and agribusinesses revealed at least 40 cases of federal regulators accepting bribes in exchange for helping food processors put adulterated food products in the marketplace, the Federal Police said.

By the end of March, BRF announced changes to the company’s management team in response to the investigation. The company created two separate divisions to address two objectives.

“The first is to strengthen national and global operations of BRF to better serve its clients and sustain growth. The second objective allows BRF to continue to provide quick and transparent answers to the challenges it has been experiencing since the Weak Flesh investigation and the consequent impacts it has caused to the Brazilian agribusiness,” BRF said.