Kane Beef
The Texas-based processor is the first in the state to be eligible to export its beef products to China.
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Sam Kane Beef Processors LLC, operating a single plant in south Texas, announced it is expanding its international presence since being approved to ship its products to China, according to an Aug. 15 press release. The company currently exports its boxed beef to more than 25 countries and hopes to capitalize on bringing beef from the Lone Star State to China later this year. 

“Our team is steadily increasing our global footprint, and we are eager to start supplying our dependable beef products to customers in China,” said Andy Davis, vice president of international sales at Kane Beef. “Thanks to the authorization, we now have greater opportunities in the region to build relationships that will support Texas agriculture.”

Kane Beef officials are developing partnerships with local feeders to ensure its products meet the requirements in China and the plan is for the first shipments to be exported in the fourth quarter of 2017.

“Research shows that per capita demand for beef in China is on the rise, and our team has already received multiple inquiries from interested customers,” Davis said. “Regaining access into this growing market and being able to meet consumer demand with our high-quality beef sourced from Texas producers is a significant opportunity.”