The new Italian-style offering features pork loin wrapped in pork belly.
ATLANTA – After wooing meat loving customers with the introduction of its Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon in early July, Arby’s hopes to garner even more squeals of approval with another new pork-based menu item. The chain recently rolled out its Smoked Italian Porchetta Sandwich, which features slow-smoked, pork belly-wrapped pork loin. According to the company, Porchetta is a coveted street food, especially in regions where Italian culture and heritage is prevalent, but now is available to the masses. 

To create the sandwich, which is priced at $5.49 and available at all Arby’s locations through August, pork loin that has been wrapped by a pork belly is smoked for eight hours and then sliced and topped with Italian-inspired provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, red wine vinaigrette  and garlic aioli on a toasted roll.  

The rollout of the Porchetta sandwich is the latest of many meat-centric innovations added to the Arby’s menu in recent years. 

“Arby’s product innovation team tests more than 1,000 potential menu items each year and last year introduced the brand’s most exotic meat offerings to date — Pork Belly and Venison,” said the company in a statement. “One of Arby’s goals is to create first-time experiences for guests via unique and unexpected proteins many consumers have never heard of, let alone tried before.”
Diners are also given the option of upgrading the new sandwich by ordering the Mount Italy Sandwich, which includes not only the Porchetta and its toppings, but also slices of smoked ham, salami and pepperoni, priced at $6.49.