spoilt pig uncured bacon
Bacon sold under the spoilt pig brand will be sourced from pigs raised without antibiotics ever. (photo: spoilt pig)
Pigs raised for the ‘spoilt pig’ brand are raised without antibiotics, and labels highlighting this attribute adorn packages of the spoilt pig brand of cured and uncured bacon products.

Denhay Farms Ltd., which owns the spoilt pig brand, partnered with Brydock Farms, a producer based in the Scottish Highlands. Pigs raised at Brydock Farms are bred outdoors and brought indoors at weaning age. The pigs are raised from birth without the use of antibiotics. However, pigs that do become sick are treated with antibiotics but are not used for spoilt pig products.

The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics applauded the partnership.

“The Alliance to Save our Antibiotics welcomes the Spoilt Pig/Brydock farms partnership introduction of higher-welfare “raised without antibiotics” pig production and pork products for consumers,” according to a statement. “The initiative shows how major improvements in animal husbandry and welfare can greatly contribute to reducing farm antibiotic use, while still delivering affordable meat.”

Numerous pork products are sold under the spoilt pig brand, including dry cured smoked bacon, dry cured unsmoked back bacon and dry cured smoked streaky bacon. Morrisons, Tesco, Ocado, Costco, Nisa, Budgens, Spar and Amazon Fresh carry spoilt pig products.