The chain's Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon is available as a topping to three sandwiches, or solo on a BLT.
ATLANTA – What’s three times better than a slice of bacon? Arby’s new Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon. The new thick-sliced bacon is three times thicker than what was previously served on its sandwiches.  Arby’s new offering is nearly one-quarter of an inch thick.

“We used a calculator and a tape measure to confirm that our Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon is indeed three times the thickness of a standard piece of bacon,” said Rob Lynch, brand president and CMO of Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. “It’s a modern marvel and I’m not sure how humankind is going to resist this bacon.”

The bacon is seasoned with black pepper, brown sugar and baked in restaurants daily. In 2015, Arby’s introduced its original Brown Sugar Bacon. Then in 2016, the chain introduced the pork belly, which was brought back to the menu earlier this year.

Bacon lovers can enjoy three slices of the new Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon on top of three sandwiches – Turkey, Roast Beef and Half Pound Club (turkey & smoked ham). Or they can enjoy 5 slices of Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon on Arby’s BLT. All sandwiches are served on a new buttery brioche bun.

To learn more about Arby’s Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon, visit For immediate support in resisting this meat candy, call 1-855-MEAT-HLP.