Retail meat prices, including pork are down in most major markets.
WASHINGTON – According to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), a cookout of America's favorite foods for the Fourth of July, including hot dogs, cheeseburgers and pork spare ribs will cost slightly less in 2017, coming in at less than $6 per person.

Farm Bureau’s informal survey reveals the average cost of a summer cookout for 10 people is $55.70, or $5.57 per person. The cost for the cookout is down slightly (less than 1 percent) from last year.

“As expected, higher production has pushed retail meat prices down,” said Dr. John Newton, AFBF director of market intelligence.

Also having competition in the meat case is making for lower prices and affordability for consumers.

“Retail pork prices also declined in 2017, largely due to more pork on the market and ample supplies of other animal proteins available for domestic consumption,” Newton said. “Lower beef prices are most likely putting downward pressure on pork prices.”

A total of 97 Farm Bureau members in 25 states served as volunteer shoppers to check retail prices.

AFBF’s summer cookout menu for 10 people consists of hot dogs and buns, cheeseburgers and buns, pork spare ribs, deli potato salad, baked beans, corn chips, lemonade, chocolate milk, ketchup, mustard and watermelon for dessert.