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Convenience and protein, the latter being the most sought out nutrient by US shoppers according to the “2016 Food and Health Survey” from the International Food Information Council Foundation, Washington, DC, are fueling innovation in heat-and-eat prepared foods, products merchandised in both the retail refrigerator and freezer. To appeal to label-reading consumers who seek out simple, wholesome and local ingredients, many formulators are sourcing all-natural and non-genetically modified ingredients and calling this out on packages. Other common claims include made with “chicken raised without antibiotics,” “gluten free,” “handmade” and “no artificial preservatives. 

Formulators often strive for developing a product that contains 20 percent of the Daily Value of 50 grams of protein, or 10 grams of protein per serving. These products can be described as “high” or “excellent” sources of protein. Those with 10 percent to 19 percent of the Daily Value are “good” sources. 

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