Allen Harim
Solar panels will supply up to 12 percent of the energy used at the Harbeson facility. (Photo by Chris Fraga Jr., Alternative Energy Development Group)
SEAFORD, Del. – Allen Harim’s poultry processing plant in Harbeson, Delaware, is now drawing power from a six-acre field of solar panels. A ribbon cutting was held at the facility May 15. The 1.57 megawatt, multi-million dollar solar project features 4,992 solar panels, and is projected to generate 2.3 million kWh of power each year, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,616 metric tons every year. 

“This is another exciting environmental project for our company here in Harbeson and we are grateful to all our partners for making it happen,” said Joe Moran, president and CEO of Allen Harim. The energy produced by the solar panels will supply about 11 to 12 percent of the energy used at the Harbeson facility, he said.

Allen Harim will purchase 100 percent of the power produced from the solar panels under a 20-year power purchase agreement. The project was developed by Alternative Energy Development Group, Berwyn, Pennsylvainia, and is owned and operated by Onyx Renewable Partners.

“The addition of a multi-megawatt solar system which will generate clean, reliable and affordable power for decades to come for Allen Harim, fits perfectly with Allen Harim’s balanced approach to running a fiscally-prudent and environmentally-responsible company,” said Chris Fraga, founder and CEO of Alternative Energy Development Group.  “We applaud Allen Harim’s investors, their leadership team and the Harbeson staff for their vision and commitment to the project.” 

 Allen Harim
Allen Harim's executives had a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 15 for the solar project. (Photo by Chris Fraga Jr., Alternative Energy Development Group)
During the ribbon cutting ceremony, Fraga presented a check for $10,000 through the company’s Watts for Wishes charitable giving program to establish the Allen Harim Legacy Scholarship fund. Allen Harim will provide a $10,000 matching gift, and set up an endowed fund through the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore. 

The Allen Harim Legacy Scholarship will provide $2,500 scholarships for children of employees and growers to attend college or trade schools. The company plans to use the savings from the solar project to grow the endowed fund to provide up to five scholarships a year.

“Some people seem to think we have to choose between having a cleaner, stronger environment and having a robust economy. I disagree. It is possible to pursue policies that protect our environment and public health, while creating jobs and growing our economy,” said US Sen. Tom Carper, ranking member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “By pursuing clean and green energy, businesses like Allen Harim can reduce energy costs and be more competitive. I’m also so very pleased that Allen Harim will reinvest in its employees by using some of the savings toward college scholarships. That’s a true commitment to our local community.”