WINNIPEG – The Chief Veterinary Officer of Manitoba confirmed positive test results for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) at a sow farm in southeast Manitoba. The virus causes severe dehydration and diarrhea in pigs and generally is fatal in very young pigs.

A special alert issued by the Manitoba Pork trade association said control measures were immediately implemented, and all swine veterinarians with clients in the region have been notified of the location of the affected site. Swine producers in a 5 km radius of the affected site also have been notified and are collecting samples for testing.

The agency has confirmed cases of PEDv at 11 farms since Feb. 14, 2014. Animal health officials confirmed the most recent case May 2. According to the Manitoba government website, nine of the 11 premises in the province confirmed to have PEDv are now determined to be PEDv presumptive negative as of May 2.

“A PED Presumptive Negative premises is a premises where the affected producer has implemented strict measures to eliminate PED from all pigs and pig contact areas and have confirmed the virus has been eliminated through repeated animal and environmental testing,” the website states. “However, a potential PED risk still remains within the manure storage system.”

Manitoba Pork is encouraging producers to increase biosecurity measures at their farms. The organization also is encouraging members to sign a Sharing of Information Waiver which gives local veterinarians permission to share results of diagnostic testing that reveals a reportable or emerging disease that could threaten Manitoba’s pork industry.