Danish Crown
Leivers Brothers is a supplier of bacon, fresh meat, sausages and other products.

RANDERS, Denmark – Danish Crown recently acquired Leivers Brothers Ltd., a meat supplier and wholesale business based in Nottingham, England.

Danish Crown said the acquisition expands the company’s market share to the Midlands from London and Manchester. Leivers Brothers was founded in 1880, and has been a supplier of bacon, fresh meat, cheese, sausages and cold cuts to butchers, restaurants and canteens.

“Wanting to get closer to the end-users of our products is part and parcel of our 4WD strategy,” Jais Valeur, group CEO of Danish Crown, said in a statement. “This is by no means a major acquisition, but it is an important step in our efforts to create the right conditions for our UK foodservice business to be able to grow organically.”

Lars Albertsen, CEO of Danish Crown UK, said the acquisition of Leivers Brothers marks an exciting step for the UK unit of Danish Crown.

“While foodservice is a new business area for us, in which our pioneering spirit has brought us far in a relatively short time, next on the agenda is the integration of Leivers Brothers with the rest of our business,” Albertsen said. “The synergies are obvious; I would go so far as to describe this as a major development for our foodservice division.”