Americans are eating more meat than ever. Per capita meat consumption in the United States grew 5 percent from 2014 to 2015, the largest increase in the past four decades, according to data from the research and advisory firm Rabobank, New York. The average American now eats about 193 lbs. of beef, pork and chicken a year, which equates to more than 3.7 lbs. per week.

A contributing factor to the growth is consumers’ appetite for flavor adventure, and they are exploring new formats and recipes thanks to innovative food manufacturers who are taking full advantage of the variety of applications available to enhance meat products.

Gold’n Plump makes fully cooked, easy-to-prepare chicken meatballs and sliced chicken sausages made of 100 percent coarse-ground boneless skinless chicken thigh meat raised with no-antibiotics-ever.

And Grecian Delight has its sights set on the convenience store segment with its individually wrapped Opaa! Gyro Sandwiches, which feature pita bread filled with fully cooked meat with a side packet of sauce.

From soups to sandwiches, food companies are making the most of meat. Click here for aslideshow of more innovations.