TORONTO – Pizza Pizza recently committed to sourcing poultry products from chickens free from antibiotics.

The company’s Raised Without the use of Antibiotics label is meant to reassures consumers that Pizza Pizza’s chicken products are sourced from birds raised without any antibiotics from birth to harvest. Additionally, the chain’s chicken products are sourced from chickens that are fed a vegetable grain diet, without animal by-products.

The company, which operates 750 locations across Canada under the Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 banners, said the change is effective immediately, and includes everything from chicken wings and boneless chicken bites to chicken tenders and grilled chicken topping. Pizza Pizza’s chicken bites, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches also are made with 100 percent white breast meat, not ground chicken.

“When we opened our first location in 1967, the team made a commitment to delivering the best food, made especially for our customers,” CMO Pat Finelli said in a statement. “The introduction of chicken raised without the use of antibiotics in our entire menu is a natural part of that promise and something we’re proud to introduce in our 50th anniversary year.”