ST. FRANCIS, WIS. — Wix-Fresh OatMax, a new flavor modifier, extends the shelf life of meat and poultry products while promoting moisture and flavor retention, according to St. Francis-based Wixon, Inc. A proprietary blend of all-natural, oat-derived ingredient technology, Wix-Fresh OatMax adds fiber benefits, enhances the savory notes of protein and reduces the warmed-over flavor often found in pre-cooked meats.

Potential applications include fresh, frozen, pre-cooked and further-processed meats. The ingredient provides a neutral taste and offers an even distribution within the blend.

“Wix-Fresh OatMax is a cost-effective, value-added antioxidant flavor `potentiator,’” said Ron Ratz, director of protein development for Wixon. “A terrific alternative to other meat extenders such as soy or starch, this flavor modifier intensifies inherit savory notes without adding any visual distractions or off flavors that could negatively impact product taste.”