ST. HYACINTHE, Québec – Olymel LP officials announced plans to invest $3 million at its pork processing facility in Vallée-Jonction, to install a ham deboning table, which will require redevelopment of the butchering and chilled fresh products storage room. When the renovation is completed, it is expected to add 160 new jobs.

"This investment will allow the Vallée-Jonction facility to continue serving its markets more efficiently,” Olymel CEO Réjean Nadeau said. “This change is also an integral part of the reorganization of Olymel's fresh pork sector in Québec with a view to optimizing performance and improving efficiency.”

Construction is slated to begin in November and will continue through February 2017 without requiring any interruption in the facility's current operations.

The Olymel plant in Vallée-Jonction currently has more than 1,000 employees and serves the vast Japanese market in particular, for which it produces fresh chilled pork, a popular product in that country.