MINONG, WIS. — Jack Link’s Beef Jerky recently introduced its new Sasquatch Big Stick — a meat stick measuring 16 inches in length. The new offering addresses the growing demand for meat snacks.

"The traditional meat-stick segment has solidly outpaced overall meat-snack category growth over the past year-and-a-half," said Jeff LeFever, director of marketing.

The company’s slightly irreverent brand personality was created in 2006 when the company launched its Messin’ with Sasquatch ad campaign. Consisting of 12 broadcast spots focusing on beef jerky eating, the campaign appeals to young males and teens who represent a significant segment of the meat-snack market, the company said. The brand icon Sasquatch has social media profiles on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, among other sites.

Available in two flavors, "Angry" (original) and "Happy" (mild), the Sasquatch Big Stick is available at convenience, mass merchant, grocery and drug stores nationwide with a suggested retail prices of $2.49 per 2.2-ounce stick.