The Bacon Jams assortment of bacon spreads
The Bacon Jams will soon become TBJ Gourmet.
The founder of spreadable-bacon company, The Bacon Jams, has decided on a new approach to attract consumers — but it doesn’t involve keeping bacon on the product label.

In an interview with, founder and “executive boar,” Michael Oraschewsky said he plans to drop the word “bacon” from the product name in addition to the company’s mascot/logo of a pig wearing sunglasses and strumming a guitar. The brand’s new look is scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter under the TBJ Gourmet brand, and the mascot will be more low key.

“While we love spreadable bacon, I know I can get the same reaction from people … with other products,” Oraschewsky told

One thing that won’t change is the company’s recipe for bacon jam, which Oraschewsky says is simple yet time-consuming to make.

“You’re going to take bacon, put it in a pan or pot and crisp it up. You’re going to want to have it chopped. You take some of the fat out, and then add in whatever spices you want. We do onions, garlic, and then you add a sugar. We use brown sugar and all-natural cane sugar. The brown sugar gives it a nice molasses-like dark robustness. And that’s basically it.”